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PeepNote.comAlthough Twitter wasn’t built as an address book, many use it like that. We count on it to get in touch with all the people that we can’t contact via phone, email or in any other conventional way. This can be anybody from people we would all love to be working with, to celebrities and personalities that we’ve always admired. And adding people on Twitter is so simple (and it has got no limit) that winding up with more than a thousand contacts there is a common story. Fortunately, there are apps like PeepNote around – apps that let you make good sense of your every Twitter contact.

We can define PeepNote as a contact (and relationship) manager for Twitter. You can use this service to organize all the people you’ve befriended there, have them added to these groups that would make better sense for you and add notes to every single one of them. Plus, you can have PeepNote send you a weekly report of all your Twitter activity, and figure out who should be added to which group much quicker.

What? Want even more features? OK. You’ve got’em. You can also export any list that you’ve created both to Twitter and vCard. There, if that doesn’t let you make good sense of your online contacts I just don’t know what will. In Their Own Words

Simply the best contact and relationship manager for Twitter.

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