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PageORama.comIf there’s anything you need to have posted online for all to read but you don’t have a blog and you just can’t be bothered putting one together for what’s essentially going to be a one-off announcement, then a service like Page O Rama comes highly recommended. It will let you have a webpage created and published without having to get near a single line of code, and without forcing you to dig in your pocket either. Page O Rama is a browser-based webpage creator that can be used both freely and openly.

It’s all done by choosing the name of the page to be created, giving it a title and adding its actual content via the supple editor featured on the site. What you’ve created will go live the second you click on the “Save Page” button.

And you’ll be able to modify it afterwards, too. You are requested to submit your email address when creating your page, and that will be used to authenticate who you are later.

Page O Rama is quite similar to Pastebin, a service that enables you to have your own content posted online for all to see. Yet, Page O Rama has the undeniable advantage of letting you create full HTML pages, complete with content such as images. In Their Own Words

Pageorama allows people to publish pages very fast. Choose your page name, title, add your text and images and you are done.

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Can these pages be monetized? Wouldn’t that be a welcome addition?