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Page.lyIt is remarkable how many tools are there for creating a site without being really conversant when it comes to any programming language. And they keep rolling in at a steady rate, a fact which is amply demonstrated by a website such as Page.

ly. In essence, it is an online tool that is going to let you have a site up and running in a streamlined way. The website you can create like this comes complete with a personalized domain name and email address, as well as with ever-important SEO compliance. Traffic reporting is likewise part of the package.

The design process entails choosing a theme or motif from the ones which are available, and modifications at a later date are fully taken into consideration. The addition and edition of content is carried out truly effortlessly, too. Embedding videos and images is as easy as using any standard blogging platform, too.

A very nice feature is that your content is automatically backed up, so that your data is safe from any difficulty that might strike.

This service comes at a given cost, and it can be canceled whenever you want. And there are no setup fees to be paid. In Their Own Words

“Create a better website in minutes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking into having a site for putting up content of your own on the Web, this is a solution you might as well check out.

Some Questions About

Are the sites created using this solution viewable in all browsers and operating systems?