Ordable.com – For Those Who Love Making Lists

Ordable.comAt its heart, this is a site for the methodical ones among you. It will enable you to create as many lists as you want, about the topics that you feel need being brought into order or elucidated in the way that only a detailed list would do.

As a result, if you have to set down your priorities for the whole year you can come up with a list that describes exactly that, and you can also include your New Year resolutions just to give it an added ounce of comprehensiveness.

Furthermore, these lists are not closed in any sense. Rather, they are as open-ended as you want them to be – other people can make a contribution to them. That will be useful for those who are keen on any TV series or movie franchise and want to discuss the popularity of characters and so on. For instance, creating list enumerating the best episodes of Buck Rogers or The X Files is instantly done, and the same goes for lists about the best shows of the 60s, lists including the best Hollywood villains… the possibilities are endless.

Ordable.com In Their Own Words

“Lists for everything, made by you.”

Why Ordable.com It Might Be A Killer

These lists can be used to have some fun, and also to bring some order into your life.

Some Questions About Ordable.com

Are these lists shareable and embeddable on social sites by default? Ordable.com