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OpenDining.netThe logical thing to do if you run any kind of eatery is to let customers place orders online. And if you are looking for a quick way to give your existing website powerful ordering capabilities, then you are not finding something as practical as Open Dining if you tried. It’s not just that Open Dining lets people place orders from wherever they happen to be located, the appeal of this service lies in how it will let you have orders processed without having to download and install on your own servers. Open Dining is a SaaS platform in the truest sense of the word. It provides restaurateurs with a point-and-click interface for adding ordering capabilities to their sites, and also with a Facebook app that lets consumers place orders in the most social of settings.

This Facebook app is particularly interesting because the ones who have just begun selling home-made food such as pasta will be able to take orders online regardless of having a site or not. A site costs money. A Facebook fanpage doesn’t. And it can be created in the blink of an eye. Is there any new business that hasn’t got one?

Open Dining costs $ 29 per month, plus $ 0.50 per order. There are no setup fees of any kind to be paid, and no contracts to sign either. You pay as you go, and you can cancel the service at any time. In Their Own Words

Online ordering platform.

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Will some kind of integration with Twitter be provided later on?