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OnTheWayApp.comOn The Way is an application that should enliven any road trip that you are going to make. It can let you plan your route from one point to the other, anywhere in the world. It lets you know about these things that you and your family, friends or any person you’re going to be traveling with could do along the way. You just have to select the point you’re starting from, and the one you want to get to for On The Way to show you all that could be done on your roadtrip.


This service is provided at no cost, and it can be used without having to register first. You can, however, log in using your Foursquare account in order to get even more accurate (and more personalized) results.

In any case, the map that’s created can be both printed and shared by spreading its unique URL around. In this way, you can plan everything a lot easier and faster. The people you’re going to be traveling with will get a chance to make changes to the itinerary you’ve created, and you’ll know about these changes the minute that they’ve been made. In Their Own Words

Planning a roadtrip? We’ll help you find the interesting stuff that’s on the way.

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Isn’t the lack of a mobile app damaging to the service? Will one ever be released?


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