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Nyabag.comNyabag is here to help people with really busy schedules cope with all they have see to in a day’s work. And a long way beyond that, too. This browser-based tool lets anybody set down all the things he has to do and all the events he has to attend, and then receive punctual reminders when the time comes. These can be delivered both by email and by SMS, and one can actually determine their frequency.


Plus, Nyabag comes complete with a personal diary that can be used to capture all that has to do with the activities one has undertaken on any given day. Who he has met, what impression they caused on him… this is just great for getting thoughts in order, and have a point of reference for later interactions with anybody.

As an app, Nyabag costs nothing. You can register just by supplying your email address and picking a password to go with it. Nothing else has to be disclosed. In Their Own Words

Web based task management app.

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What kind of integration is provided with other personal or social services? What is clearly in order?


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