– Commenting On Whatever You Want

Notepeep.comNotepeep is self-defined as a tool that will let you “comment anonymously on people, places and things”. That is, the site comprises a database of individuals, places and things for anybody to say what he likes.

And in the event you want to comment on something that is not yet included on that database, you can proceed to add it yourself. In order to do so, all you must do is furnish its name and add a couple of tags to go with it (about four or five words should do).

But assuming the person, place or object that you want to comment upon is indeed featured, then you can proceed to add your two cents using something akin to a feedback box. For example, you can leave a comment about a cafeteria where they have the lousiest service in the whole of the United States so that others know they should keep their distance. Or you could use this system to recommend a cafeteria where they make you feel top notch. Both uses are possible, and the comments will be visible as long as you don’t employ any inappropriate language. In Their Own Words

“Comment anonymously on people, places, and things.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to tell others about places worth checking out, and also about these places that should be left to their own devices.

Some Questions About

What will make people come back to this service time after time?