– A CRM For Notaries

NotaryCRM.comAs you can guess by looking at its name, this is a CRM application which is geared towards notaries. The idea is to let them track their signings, manage all their clients, send invoices more easily and (the best bit) receive their payments in a much faster way.

A tool like this one was sorely needed. Up until now, the only way notaries had to keep a neat track of all their activity was to create an Excel document and have it updated manually, in a way far too laborious to be deemed any good.

Three versions of Notary CRM are available. There is a free one for testing purposes, one for individual users (Solo) and one for signing companies (Pro). Each comes with its own number of supported clients, and its very own storage capabilities. And only the Pro version of Notary CRM enables the user to delegate responsibilities to other agents.

And note that the ones who sign up for this service also become part of the directory of notaries that is featured on the site. That applies even to the free plan. In Their Own Words

Simple, secure mobile notary public management software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It sure beats using Excel to keep track of signings and payments.

Some Questions About

How long can Notary CRM be tried for free?