– Say Goodbye To Taking Notes

NoNotes.comA fact is a fact – you know that if you are going to take notes at school or at a meeting you are going to do so at the expense of not being that active in the conversation. That is, the role of he who jots everything down is essentially a passive (or receptive) one.

Such a fact somehow defies the purpose of being there, as the message which is communicated always amounts to much than these things that can be written down.

NoNotes is a startup which aims to address these shortcomings. In general terms, we could say it is a transcription and translation service which is backed by voice-recording technology. The mechanics of the site involve recording a class and its subsequent upload to the site in order to be transcribed and sent back to you.

Attending classes is not for everybody. I don’t know how beneficial will something like this turn out to be for the ones whose habits are on the lazy side, as it will just reinforce them. Conversely, the ones who want to focus on every word the teacher is saying instead of taking notes frantically couldn’t ask for a better tool. Whatever side you are on, this is an interesting service for sure. In Their Own Words

“ is a student founded company who’s goal is to improve the way students throughout the world learn. Using NoNotes will allow you to focus on learning while in class rather than having to focus your attention on taking notes. Our company exists to simplify the learning process and our system is based on the cognitive processes involved with learning.

As students we understand that endless writing, while simultaneously trying to pay attention and absorb class subject

matter is ineffective. Our service allows you to sit back, learn, ask questions and make the most of your class time. We provide you with a written copy of the notes—making studying and content review simple and effective.

We are students helping students and we’re here to make your semester easier.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will effectively mean students can focus on the class as a whole, and it also makes sharing notes a doodle.

Some Questions About

How much does this service exactly retail for? In case you are a translator, how can you volunteer your services?