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Nock-Nock.comChances are that when going out many of you decide which venues you are going to hit based on who is going to be there. Which makes just too much sense, really. And which can be done easier than ever thanks to this new application.

Nock Nock will let you figure out two things that are vital, and that go hand in glove. The first is letting you realize where the busiest spots in town are. The second is letting you know who is exactly where.

That information is accessed just by selecting the neighborhood that you want to have analyzed after having logged in with your Foursquare account. The data will be retrieved instantly, and placed on an easy-to-understand map. Not that such data could actually be presented in a complicated setting, but the way everything is handled here is certainly user-friendly.

Right now, this service works only in San Francisco and New York, but support for other cities (and countries) is underway. In Their Own Words

Find out where the cool kids are.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an instant way to find the liveliest places to hit for a top night out.

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