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MyWalletPower.comSaving money is something that becomes infinitely easier when you are using an application like this one. My Wallet Power will let you track exactly where your money is going, and categorize all your expenses. In this way, determining what is vital and what is superfluous can be done at a glance, and unnecessary expenses can be cut short.


And this is done in a really convenient way, too. In addition to letting you input all your expenses manually, you can have them scanned and uploaded, sent over via Twitter and even mailed to the company.

Four different plans are provided: Free, Premium, Professional and Corporate. In all cases you are allowed to browse your incomes and expenses by period and category, as well as seeing charts detailing your actual expenditures over time. But the ability to create premium and corporate reports is obviously privative to some of the most expensive plans. So is the ability to have documents uploaded and scanned. In Their Own Words

MyWalletPower brings awareness by categorizing your incomes and expenses, allowing you to identify and eliminate unnecessary spendings and save more money.

Why It Might Be A Killer

As far as solutions for saving money go, this is quite sterling – you will be able to track every single cent that you are spending.

Some Questions About

In which further ways is the free plan limited?


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