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MyTravelToolbox.comMy Travel Toolbox (MTT) is the perfect service for cash-strapped webmasters that know their sites don’t look half as good as their competitors’, and are nowhere as informative. This plug-in lets them have sites that are nicer to look at and which come packed with all the right features, without having to hire a single designer or coder just to have a better site. MTT is specifically focused on the travel industry, and it’s a platform that lets webmasters improve their sites by adding lots of tools to them. You can have airport codes displayed on your site, show international dialing codes, explain international electricity standards, list international travel requirements, include a currency converter… in short: add all the kind of information that people who are traveling somewhere look for online sooner or after. And if you provide it to them from the very beginning, then that’s basically it. You’ll have them in your pocket from the start.

All of these tools can be added with zero effort, as you simple have to cut and paste a line of code into your site for the relevant tool to be displayed. And you can get started for free, as there’s a “Basic” plan that costs nothing. If you have a larger site and need more tools, or if you want the ads that come with the free plan to be removed then you can sign up for any of the five paid plans that are available. Even the less expensive plan (the “Silver” plan, it costs $9.95 per month) can have all ads removed. In Their Own Words

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What other advantages have the most expensive plans got? Who are they mainly aimed at?