– Plan Your Routes

MyRouteOnline.comAs its name suggests, My Route Online is a web-based application that will let you plan routes of every kind. Service routes, multi-point deliveries, travel routes, home visits… all that can be planned through the site, using a supple interface that will let you import all your waypoints from any Excel or Doc file. My Route Online will take care of determining the best routes between these points.

Once these have been figured out, they will be displayed on a map that will also include driving directions so as to ensure you can follow them to the hilt. Plus, these directions will be automatically sent to your email and/or GPS device. And you can also have the route generated as an Excel file in order to edit it.

Delivery companies, distributors, service providers… this is a service that will cater for all of them. And the many plans that are available (giving you the option to pay a fixed fee, or pay for the service as you go along) just underlines how flexible My Route Online can really turn out to be. In Their Own Words

Optimize your routes in seconds.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it can devise the most time-effective routes in an automatic way.

Some Questions About

How many waypoints can a single route have?