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MoneyTrail.netMoney Trail is an allowance and money management application that is aimed at children and their parents. The former are given more control over their money (not to mention that using this app implies their parents will never forget about paying their allowances), whereas the latter can track every single cent that their children have received.

Parents are also going to like the fact that they are actually keeping their money in their wallets if that’s what they want – Money Trail can work using credits that they deposit on the accounts of their children instead of cash, checks and gift cards.

Those who have more than 3 children will tell you how complicated it can be tracking all this manually. There comes a point in which that is downright impossible, because in addition to tracking allowances you also have to track how much the children owe you. An Internet tool like this one automates the tedious steps of the process, and lets you focus on what truly matters: knowing how much money you have given your children, and how much they have to give you back.

This service (of which a mobile version is also available) is provided at no cost. If you want to teach your children how to be more financially responsible, and save you the hassle of calculating everything manually then just head to the site and start putting your account together. In Their Own Words

“Free Allowance and Money Management for Teens and Families.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site lets parents and their children organize financial transactions between them in a way that is as straightforward as they could possibly want.

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