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MODwedding.comHaving a wedding website is not something difficult. It never was, really. But the many services such as MODwedding that are available just turn it all into something even easier than it was to begin with.

MODwedding gives any couple the chance to have a site in which all that is connected with their wedding can be organized, and made clear to attendees. Couples will be able to plan the event to the very last detail, and they will then be able to make everything public via social services. Sites designed by this company come with full integration with Facebook, so that anything which is planned can be communicated in such a convenient setting. After all, the likelihood of the couple inviting someone who they are not friends with on Facebook is just not there, is it?

As it is only suitable, there are lots of different themes to choose from, and other features that merit a mention include a realized photo management platform and a music player to get guests into the right mood the minute they arrive on the site. In Their Own Words

Free wedding websites for modern brides.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let couples create a good-looking and highly-functional website with very little effort.

Some Questions About

On average, how long does it take for one such site to be created?