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MockupBuilder.comMockups are something that should be created quickly, and that should give clients an instant understanding of the way any project is headed so that they can provide timely feedback to designers. And if you give this new tool a try, you will discover that it meets that criteria in full. MockupBuilder will let designers get the basic layout of sites and/or apps together in no time at all, present them to their clients and receive their feedback in return. It is all done by just sharing a link – the client will get to see the mockup at a mere click, and make all the comments that are in order on the spot.

The site is easy-enough to be used by anybody, and in any case it is hard to think that a designer would actually have trouble figuring out how things are done here. But a video tutorial is featured just to make things perfectly clear to first-time users. All the best practices are highlighted, so that mockups and sketches will be created not only better but also faster. In Their Own Words

A killer prototyping software.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a fast, direct way to get feedback from your clients and get to know exactly what they want you to do.

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