– A Smooth Approach To Mockups

Mocksup.comThere is no better way to convey how a site would work than by creating a mockup. Trouble is, that process can turn out to be too time-consuming both in terms of getting the design ready and then collecting the ensuing feedback.

That is where a service like this one steps in. In general terms, it will let you come up with a working prototype by uploading individual mockups and have them linked together so as to recreate the way that the finished website would work. This prototype is fully functional – you can click your way through it, and explore it in every sense.

And Mocksup also makes for collecting feedback and processing it right on the spot. You can invite just whoever you like, be them friends or colleagues, and have them view your project. They can proceed to leave feedback once they have done so. Of course, you can also show it to your clients. In that way, changes can be implemented right when they have to, avoiding the stress of having built something on top of an element that the client did not like to begin with. In Their Own Words

“Flat, boring mockups can’t really convey how a site will work and feel. But not everyone has the skillset or resources to develop working prototypes.

With Mocksup you upload the mockups you’ve already built and link them all together, creating – in a fraction of the time it would have taken to build a full-scale prototype – a site that people can actually interact with by clicking and scrolling.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site enables designers to gather instant feedback and put it to good use right away, avoiding unnecessary hassles.

Some Questions About

Is this entirely web-based? Can you replicate its functions on your desktop if you want to?