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Memonic.comA free app that goes by a perfect name, Memonic will let you ensure that the days of forgetfulness on the WWW are left behind for good. That is, using Memonic you will be able to capture anything that you found online and that you don’t want to forget about and access the information again at a later date.

The aim is to provide users with a tool which is intuitive, and that feels entirely natural. Capturing the information is easy, and so is accessing it again later on since it is presented back to you in a contextual and visual manner. Information can be captured and easily imported in four ways: using a bookmarklet, a proxyclipper, by creating a note, and by sending the data through e-mail. This information is then organized and viewed in the setting that the user likes best.

This is the first app that this company releases. Based on it and what they say on the site, they are aiming at making online information more fluid and vital. They have a point – information which is found online becomes obsolete pretty quickly. A tool like this one is the first step in a different direction. In Their Own Words

“A problem facing the regular Internet user today is how to keep track of information and bits of information found on the Internet. Current solutions such as (social) bookmarks do provide only partial and unsatisfactory solutions. Example: The bookmarked URL is no longer valid.

Our system, called, helps you to remember the relevant parts of information you come across: The tool lets you easily collect all the important pieces of information during your day/work.

Once collected you are able to access your knowledge in a natural, contextual and visual way anywhere and anytime on any device. You may easily organize your items and either import them effortlessly to a number of other applications or simply distribute and share them with your colleagues/friends.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

We come across so much information daily that we can but forget some of it, even when it is pivotal. This site will help us to overcome such a difficulty.

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