– Letting Teachers Write Reports Online is an interesting application that (for the time being) is aimed solely at teachers who work in the United Kingdom. Basically, it empowers them to write school reports online.

It also lets teachers dispense with the time-consuming process of gathering and collating documents, a process that is error-prone par excellence.

Coming back to the actual filling of reports, Matrep makes for grouping pupils in the way that you (as the teacher) see fit, and it is also possible to include as many fields as you need as part of the report. In that sense, we are talking about a very open-ended application.

On the whole, creating an account and setting down the format that you are going to use is done pretty quickly. I’d say the process takes less than half an hour, certainly much less if you are not modifying the provided fields and adding your own. And the whole service can be used for free, too – I hadn’t mentioned that before, but I have the feeling you had already guessed that much. In Their Own Words

“An online school report writing and collation system.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It simplifies the lives of teachers to no end.

Some Questions About

What equivalent sites have American teachers got?