– Add A Map To Your Site

Mapbiquity.comWeb maps always look the part, but they are not necessarily easy to add to a site. Unless you are using an application like this one, that is. You can resort to Mapbiquity in order to have as many maps created and displayed as you want.

All you are required to do is to upload the relevant Shapefile data for it to be processed, and an embeddable code to be generated right there and then. Aspects such as the actual storage of the map data and its onsite delivery are taken care of by Mapbiquity. You just upload the data, get the embed code and paste it right away. You are not required to code anything.

And those who already have their own web map servers and who are conversant in web mapping can use the provided templates in order to make the whole process of creating a map even faster. It will be a matter of replacing the sample references with actual references to the map that is meant to be built.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Coming up with appealing maps to keep your visitors entertained becomes much easier through such a platform.

Some Questions About

How is this service going to be further expanded, now?