– Manage Your Tasks is a new task management application that is hosted on the cloud. It lets team leaders distribute the work that has to be done in a clear way, and set down the priority for each of the tasks that have to be dealt with along with its deadline. The status of the task can then be visualized, and a progress bar will let the leader realize exactly how long there is still to go until the task has been completed.

All this information is presented as part of a task set that is unique for each user, and that is really intuitive. Nobody is going to need to read a manual or a tutorial in order to get into the swing of things. And every task set comes with a shareable read-only URL that managers will be able to share with their employees, and give them a good overview of the way in which each task relates to what their partners are doing. can be used for free to begin with, but those who are looking for options such as custom branding and subdomains can go for any of the two paid plans which are available. In Their Own Words

Task management in the cloud.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let team managers have a much firmer grasp on the way all their subordinates are working.

Some Questions About

In which ways is the free plan more limited?