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MakeoverMachine.comI know no webmaster that is 100 % satisfied with the current design of his site. They can have the most striking site on the face of the Web, and they are unhappy.

Just like a musician is always unhappy with any album he has released, and a painter is dissatisfied with his latest work. That happens because they all can see something that is not being translated into practice. In all three examples, the individuals know that they can do better. But the problem is how to channel that knowledge into something real.

Well, The Makeover Machine is a new application that might let webmasters move one step closer to having better design. You see, here they will be able to submit their sites and receive revamped designs in exchange. These will highlight the aspects that could be enhanced in order to make visitors actually become interested enough as to explore the sites on their own.

The services provided by The Makeover Machine are inexpensive. Yes, that’s right. You can have suggestions for how to improve your site for free. Provided you site is selected from the many that are submitted, that’s it. But it’s worth a try in any case. In Their Own Words

“Submit your dusty old website and if selected we’ll revamp your homepage for FREE!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you have a more appealing site at no cost – no webmaster would say “no” to that.

Some Questions About

How are the sites which are submitted exactly selected?