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MakeMeBabies.comAre you pregnant? Would you like to know what will your baby look like? If that is so, the official website of Make Me Babies might be an interesting option for you to consider. offers a free baby morpher online, you can use to predict your baby face.


What will your babies look like? If you want to know that, you just have to upload your photo and your partner’s photo. Apart from that, if you want to upload your photo and mix it with a photo of the celebrity you want, you should give a try.

To sum up, in case you want to know what your baby will look like, you should upload your photo and your partner’s photo, or simply upload your photo and mix it with a photo of the celebrity you want. Then, next time you want to find an free online application you can use to know what your babies will look like, stop by In Their Own Words

¬®MakeMeBabies’ unique technology will show you exactly (well… almost exactly…) what your future child with another person will look like!

We take both your photos, do some magic calculations, and congratulations! You have a new baby!¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

MakeMeBabies allows couples a fun and interactive way to get all of their unanswered questions answered about the look of their future offspring. It could be a positive application on dating service websites to allow users an even more unique experience in their search for a perfect mate. However, I question if the application has a true value besides being entertaining. People may tire fast, losing interest soon after beginning.

Some Questions About

How can the homepage show the actual morphing process so that people can view firsthand how it works? Is there a way to add an application to physically morph photos to create even more fun? How can MakeMeBabies advertise on matchmaker websites?


Author : Caroline Bright

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