– Deploy Your Apps In The Cloud

Makara.comA company that has recently slid out of stealth mode and whose products have begun to gain notoriety, Makara offers a cloud service of its own. By using a proprietary technology developers will be able to deploy and scale any application.

This cloud deployment can be as public or private as the developer wishes (IE, for testing the application or for letting internauts come to it and start developing a userbase), and the actual deployment implies no code changes of any kind.

Once deployed, Makara makes it easy for the developers and programmers to scale the application tier in the cloud, as well as giving visibility to end-to-end transactions.

What does all that exactly mean, and what advantages has it got? First of all, by deploying anything on the cloud you are freed from worrying about the management of servers. You also don’t have to worry about code changes of any kind. Best of all, it is all taken care of through a simple web-based interface. If you are knowledgeable enough to build an application, you will find your way around this in minutes. And since it can all be tried for free (and that the cloud computing services that are supported already include Amazon, Rackspace and vCloud), this new technology can but entice those developers who still haven’t taken to cloud computing in full. In Their Own Words

“Rapid Deployment And Visibility For Developers. Management, Monitoring And Control For IT.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A technology like this one is attractive because it will let any developer put server issues aside and focus solely on developing the application, not on dealing with a platform that should host it and that actually crashes left, right and center. And it is all provided at no cost, too.

Some Questions About

Will these services be eventually provided at a cost?