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MailNesia.comNo serious Internet user does without a disposable email service. It is too easy to get burned when submitting your real email address, even by companies that look reputable. Services like WhySpamMe and Postacin are around to let one register to pages without disclosing more than it is safe. But if neither of these nor any of the many other disposable email providers currently available seem to satisfy your needs, then you might as well give MailNesia a look. This temporary email provider allows you to handle website registrations without having to disclose your real email address. And it lets you do that in a breeze – you’re not requested to supply any kind of personally-identifiable information. All you must do is choose a user name to go with the inbox you want to have. The messages that are sent there can then be accessed by pointing your browser to the unique URL that is generated; MailNesia inboxes are all patterned along the lines of “[email protected]”. There is just nothing to set up on your side.

And a really ace touch is that MailNesia can take care of automatically clicking on the registration links that are sent to that disposable inbox. So, registering to any service is done not only more securely but also supremely faster. In Their Own Words

Free anonymous temporary disposable email services.

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