– A Supple Way To Create Mockups

Lumzy.comLumzy is an online application that will let designers create mockups that they can then send to their clients in order to start gathering feedback together. And it is also possible to create prototypes – these are more developed than mockups.

While a mockup is something comparable to a mere sketch (IE, something stationary) a prototype is something dynamic – the client will be able to interact with it. He will be able to see what is going to happen when a client clicks on a button, or when he visits any specific part of the site.

These mockups and prototypes can be sent out to clients the moment they are ready. And as far as creating them goes, keep in mind that Lumzy boasts collaborative tools that will let you build them up with help from team members that might be located in the other side of town. The provided chat engine will let you ensure there is no overlapping.

Lumzy can be launched and used for free, too. The editor will load in just a couple of minutes, and you will be able to gain time when designing anything by picking any of the featured templates. In Their Own Words

“Lumzy is a quick mockup and prototyping tool.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any designer will find it a good addition to his arsenal of tools, not only because it’s free but because it’s really good.

Some Questions About

Will this always remain a free tool?