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LogotypeMaker.comAs its name says, this is a site where you can create logos to go with any project you’re trying to complete. Logos to display on your own website, on your own blog, on your Facebook fanpage… on you’ll be able to create all that. And you’ll get to do it both for free, and using a very intuitive interface. This lets you edit your logo right on your browser, until you’re 100% happy with the results.


Gradients and reflections can be applied, your logo can be outlined, and you can always upload and use your very own artwork. And at no point will you be requested to pay anything, not even when saving the finished logo to your HD. In fact, you can save it as a PDF or as a GIF, and you can also export it as a PDF.

A free and very convenient service, LogotypeMaker is going to be judged against sites such as Mikons, LogoEase, Supalogo and, to name just some of the many free logo creators you can find online. In Their Own Words

Free logotype maker.

Some Questions About

Can you use these logos just anywhere? Or aren’t you allowed to profit from them?


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