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LinkDifferent.netIt has happened to all of us – an actual attempt to break some news only ends up breaking everybody’s patience, because our sizzling scoop has already been mentioned a good couple of times before.

This happens in every context you could think of – the office you work at, your close circle of friends, your family… and it turns out that it also happens on the Twitterverse.

As a matter of fact, that must be the one situation where it happens more indiscriminately. After all, if you tweet a link everybody has already seen the repercussions are not comparable to actually making such a mistake in real life. When you are telling others orally you make an elaborate introduction, and dream up a joke or two to include as part of it. If you do it online, it is entirely different – you just click your mouse a few times here and there and that’s it. And on Twitter nobody can see you blush if you made a mistake.

Still, those who are concerned about getting on other people’s nerves could count on a service like this one. It lets you add a bookmarklet to your browser that will analyze any link that you want to share with your Twitter compadres. The analyzes takes a second, and the results are very clear – you get to realize exactly who has already seen the link you intend to share. In Their Own Words

“Ever wonder if your Twitter followers already saw that link in their stream? That’s why Link Different exists.

Install the bookmarklet, use it on links and find out if your followers already heard about it from somebody else.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it can effectively make for a less-cluttered Twitter experience.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are supported? Will that change sometime soon?