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LessMeeting.comSensible managers always wonder how productive meetings really are. A member looking out of the window, two that seem almost sleeping over their laptops, a couple making goo goo eyes at each other… it sounds like a scene out of a cartoon, but it is startingly true. The problem with meetings arise from how difficult it is to make everybody interested from the very beginning, and then keeping them focused for the duration of the whole meeting. That is a nigh impossible task. Or is it?

Enter Less Meeting. This new application makes it very easy to follow best practices for the planning and execution of any meeting. And it also has full follow-up capabilities, effectively letting the manager know how the decisions that were arrived at translate into positive action later on.

This is all done via a supple browser-based interface, and the three plans that are available ensure that companies of every type and size will be able to benefit from this new Internet tool.

LessMeeting.com In Their Own Words

LessMeeting makes it extremely easy to follow meeting best practices for planning, execution and follow-up, while also providing key analytics that measure meeting productivity and efficiency across your organization.

Why LessMeeting.com It Might Be A Killer

Anything that can increase the productivity of a team this much is innately good.

Some Questions About LessMeeting.com

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