– Build A FAQ Page For Your Company

Kroud.coKroud will let anybody have a fully-featured FAQ page that clients, customers and users of the services provided by his company will be able to check whenever any doubts arise. Pages of such nature are always crucial, in the sense that they save customers the hassle of having to call you up when they fail to get your product to work, not to mention that a well-built FAQ page guarantees you will have to hire fewer phone operators. The clearer things are for everybody, then the fewer questions that will have to be asked and answered.

FAQ pages are also a must if you have any kind of online community. That is where what is acceptable and what is not is set down for everybody to read and refer to.

And you really have no excuse for not building one such page when Kroud is a free tool. You can sign up and no cost, and get your FAQ together in just a couple of clicks. You just set down the questions and the answers, and that will be your page built and deployed. In Their Own Words

Kroud lets you build interactive FAQ pages for your business.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any website worth its salt has a FAQ to go around. If yours is lacking one, Kroud will let you see to it right away.

Some Questions About

How long can these FAQs actually be? How many questions can you have asked and answered?