Korekt.me – Have Your Text Proofread

Korekt.meProofreading is a pivotal part of the process whereby a text is elaborated. Bypassing it is like buying the best alarm for your car but not bothering to check whether you actually lock the doors or not.

This site will let you have any text that you have written in English proofread. The system woks by having you submit your text online (you copy and paste it) and then receiving an estimate of how long would it take for it to be corrected (based on the actual length of the text), and how much it would all cost. On average, a page would cost something like € 6.00. That is, provided it has 300 words. If the document includes less words then the price is going to be lower.

I really wish they had somehow included a free trial on the site, because the only way to try the service to the full is actually paying the lowest fee that is charged (€ 1.00). Maybe they should consider adding some “Before and After” examples.

Korekt.me In Their Own Words

“Korekt.me is a team of two expats based in Prague, Czech Republic. They have put their heads together in the hopes of helping those online souls that use English to present themselves to the world. If you are not a confident writer of English, or perhaps know only a little English, and want your written work looked over one more time by a native English speaker, then you can be confident that once we receive your document our skilled editors will take care of it as if it is our own.”

Why Korekt.me It Might Be A Killer

It is a reasonably-priced service, and the basic premise will appeal to those who are non-native speakers of English most of all.

Some Questions About Korekt.me

How long does it take for a full page to be proofread? Korekt.me