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KidCheck.comWhenever a child is left in a temporary care facility, the parent has to fill in a form in which his contact information is set down. In case there is an emergency, the childcare professional will look there in order to realize how to reach out to the parent. And up until today, such a process used to involve pen and paper. And it suffered from all the lack of dynamicity that any process which is tied to paper forms is always subjected to. But that is set to change if this new service catches on.

Basically, KidCheck lets parents create an account where they can set down all their contact information, and keep it online (IE, somewhere the childcare provider can easily access it). Obviously, the parent is also enabled to include all the medical information that any such professional should know (such as allergies).

The basic version of KidCheck is free, and then there are four paid plans. Starting at $ 19.99/month, they are Essentials, Standard, Premium and Campus. You can tell one from the other based on the number of check-in stations that are supported. In Their Own Words

Secure check-in for childcare professionals.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By eliminating paperwork, KidChek simplifies things both for parents and childcare providers. The medical information that goes with any child becomes findable in a snap.

Some Questions About

Leaving aside the number of supported check-in stations, in which ways is the free edition of KidCheck limited?