– Share The Ownership Of Items

Jointli.comThe only good thing that comes out of economic downswings is that people become really imaginative, and release sites that are truly inventive in themselves. Jointly is a really good example of that. It enables people who need to have any item they just can’t afford to get in touch with people who actually possess such an item (or who are also keen on getting it), and start co-owning it with them. This cuts down costs in half, and it means the item will see some legitimate use instead of lying around gathering dust.

The Jointli website lets people list these items they’re willing to co-own, and those who are interested in what’s being offered can always get in touch and start talking things over. If all goes well, then an agreement is going be signed and they’ll begin managing the shared item using an online web interface.

And Jointli comes with lots and lots of tools that make such a job as easy as it could be – scheduling, expense tracking, issue tracking… it can all be handled straight from one’s browser. In Their Own Words

Ownership reinvented for the sharing economy. Co-own expensive and underutilized items and get more for less.

Some Questions About

Can just anything by co-owned like this?