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jMockups.comjMockups provides web Designers with a HTML5 application they can use to realize how any site that they have to build will look like before actually coding anything. They will get a mockup ready in minutes, and they will be able to share it with the ones who have commissioned them to do the job. Feedback will then be exchanged, and only when everything has been agreed upon will the actual coding process be started.

In this way, designers will get to know how any website will look well in advance, without having to write a single line of CSS or HTML. This means that they won?t have to make a single revision to what they have created – it will suit the requirements of their clients perfectly.

Both a free and a paid plan are provided. The free plan is limited to 5 mockups, whereas the paid plan (which is named Pro) makes room for up to 200. Leaving aside the number of supported mockups, there are no other differences between plans. They have the same features and capabilities. In Their Own Words

jMockups is a web app that lets you design and share pixel perfect website mockups.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let designers do their job more easily – no time will be wasted correcting and adjusting anything. The requirements of the client will be crystal clear from the very beginning.

Some Questions About

Will more plans be added?