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iProcrastinateApp.comStudents are the usual subjects of procrastination examples, and that happens for a very good reason. I mean, couple the relentlessness of any young person with a task like boning up on math, science or history and in many cases it is nothing short of a miracle that students get any actual work done.

The challenge here is how to make people who are disinterested in something actually approach it in a productive way (IE, rising from the table every five seconds to grab a snack, go to the toilet, play with Rex… and that is not counting Facebook and Twitter).

And this new application has been released with the aim of letting students do exactly that: focusing on what they have to do, and get it ready in a timely way. iProcrastinate lets students set the tasks that are to be done within each individual subject, and a highly-functional dashboard will remind them of what needs to get done at all times.

This data can actually be shared and synced between different devices, so that any priority that is established when the student is on the go can be diligently set down, and seen through in due time.

iProcrastinateApp.com In Their Own Words

Get your #@!% together. Finally.

Why iProcrastinateApp.com It Might Be A Killer

Students will be able to get things done much faster (and also far more enjoyably) through an application like this one.

Some Questions About iProcrastinateApp.com

Which comparable apps are out there for people running Windows and Linux? iProcrastinateApp.com