– Creating Art Without Even Knowing

IOGraphica.comThis is the kind of site that Andy Warhol would create if he were still around today. What IOGraph does is to capture all the movements that you do with your mouse when you are working, and then present them back to you as a work of art. In this way, the mundane is turned into something that has an uber value, much in the same way that Warhol used cans and everyday objects as popular artistic representations.

IOGraph has been developed by Russian programmers Anatoly Zenkov and Andrey Shipilov, and the application has actually been around for some time now – its previous moniker was MousePath.

This is the kind of application that you must try out for yourself. Describing its results is never really fair, because these will vary from one person to the other. It will all depend on what applications the person is using, and how he moves his mouse. In any case, IOGraph is a free tool. You can head to the site now, and see whether it resonates with your or not. And if you do like it, remember that donations are accepted and very much appreciated. In Their Own Words

IOGraph – is an application that turns mouse movements into a modern art.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Seeing how your daily routine is translated into a painting is certainly curious.

Some Questions About

Can this be put to any kind of practical use? Or will it always remain a leisure tool?