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InstantSitez.comIf you want to have a site of your own and you balk at the cost that it would entail, then a solution like this one will be of interest if only because it will keep expenses right in check.

InstantSitez is a browser-based website builder, and a flexible one come to that.

It has a very satisfying number of modules to choose from, and you will be able to come up with a guestbook, a questions and answers website and even a blog by choosing the pertinent modular option.

Sites can have your own domain name, and they are optimized as far as SEO is concerned. Moreover, once the site is up and running content can be added very smoothly by way of the provided CMS.

Note that you won’t have to type a single line of code in order to employ this solution. Most operations are carried out by dragging and dropping everything, so that even absolute newbies will have a chance to put up their own sites. All it will take is having something to say. In Their Own Words

“InstantsiteZ is one of the best website builders. We are affordable and easy to use. Our site builder software is designed for non technical person like you. You just need to select a template, point and click, drag and drop the contents around the page. There’s no software to download and setup. You also don’t need to hire a designer or programmer, you can do-it-yourself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let anybody have a site through which to communicate anything to followers, punters and/or customers.

Some Questions About

How many plans are there for you to choose from?