– Wireframes & Mockups Made Smooth

inPreso.comMockups and wireframes are a notable part of any developer’s day. That is only natural – they facilitate communication and make for testing in just a couple of minutes what would take a sizable amount of time (and patience) otherwise.

inPreso makes for that – it will let any team create visual designs and carry tests for purposes of any kind, be them compatibility or general performance issues.

Besides, a web player is featured for added flexibility. That will let you present any project without ever needing to export the files to PowerPoint. And you can choose from different skins in order to match each incarnation of Windows that has been released, too.

This application can be tried for free on the web, and you can procure and install a desktop version at no cost, too. This free desktop version will give you a small overview only – if you want to unlock features such as online commenting and having access to different operating system skins then you will have to upgrade to the paid edition. In Their Own Words

“Founded in April 2008, inPreso Inc. aimed to create high quality and democratic presentation software for variety of purposes.

InPreso Screens is our first product which helps build perfect interfaces easily creating visual design, planning tasks sequences, testing, commenting ready prototypes and collaborate and iterate on prototypes quickly and effortlessly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Testing any product becomes far easier through a system like this one. And there is even Facebook integration already provided.

Some Questions About

Will other operating systems ever be supported?