– The Creation Of Databases Simplified

InfoDome.comInfoDome is a new webware application that will let users create a database about any topic that they are interested in, either professionally or personally. Anybody will be capable of exporting actual numbers and figures from any spreadsheet application he works with regularly (think Excel) and then come up with relational reports.

Forms are likewise created with the utmost ease. And once they are ready, you can proceed to embed them into any other site of yours.

In that way, you can effectively bring the information collated through InfoDome into any other projects you have your sights on. And the full range of tools for analyzing data which are provided can but enable you to maximize the information that you have gathered.

A solution like this one also simplifies collaboration with others considerably – you will be able to dispense with mailing spreadsheets back and forth. Everything is hosted on the Web, and as long as your collaborators can access the Internet they will be able to access the database and modify it for all to see. In Their Own Words

“InfoDome is a simple and powerful online database that makes it easy to collect, manage, analyze and share your data. Spreadsheet users and database authors can import their data, visually design forms and relational reports with drag-and-drop ease, share these selectively or embed them in a website with a few clicks, and drill into data for business intelligence. Developers can automate importing and reporting. InfoDome runs in a browser, but feels like a software application.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a flexible platform, and the fact that over five plans are available effectively means that users with different professional aims will be catered for.

Some Questions About

What is the best plan for an owner of a small business?