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InfiniteGraph.comA service that has been released commercially after being in beta for the best part of a year, InfiniteGraph enables companies handle large datasets by identifying the true connections between nodes and edges in real time. The idea is to turn the procession and analysis of the kind of datasets that go with government intelligence, social networks and location-based services into something that takes nowhere as much time as it used to take before. InfiniteGraphs’ main objective is to let users gain a true competitive advantage in markets that are characteristically crowded, and stay abreast of all the latest trends as they manifest themselves.

InfiniteGraph makes for feeding data from multiple input streams using parallel data loading and accelerated ingest, and data models can actually be viewed, verified and tested by way of user-customized approaches.

One of the most commendable aspects of InfiniteGraph is that users are enabled to do all of the above without needing re-engineer their databases just to benefit from the technology – all the data can be mined using the provided graph API.

InfiniteGraph is available both as a free and as a licensed service, and it is interoperable across Linux, Windows and Mac OS/X. And pay-as-you-scale and usage-based billing models are also available. In Their Own Words

The distributed graph database.

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