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Infe.stLooking for a fast way to share your files online, and make them accessible to all your friends without delays of any kind? Because if that is what keeps you preoccupied, then this is a site that you might like to test personally.

Basically, Infest is a provider of online space for the hosting of files. Using this site, anybody can upload files amounting to as much as 250 MB for free. These files can then be downloaded by any person the user shares the resulting link with.

And there is an interesting twist: each time somebody downloads any of your files you are actually getting paid a tiny amount of money. Once you have amassed at least $ 10, you will be able to request (and receive) a direct payment through PayPal.

So, the name of the game here is actually sharing your download links on sites such as Facebook and Twitter in a bid to reach the $ 10 quota faster. And note that paid accounts are also available. These will let you upload much larger files (up to 500 MB). Such files will obviously be far more interesting than the ones that you can upload for free – you will be able to share videos in better resolution, for example. And that can but lead to a bigger rate of downloads in the end. In Their Own Words

Upload files. Earn cash.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that you can be paid for what you are sharing will obviously make the site appealing to a larger group of people than it would by other means.

Some Questions About

How much can you earn in such a way?