– Learn When Google Indexes Your Site

IndexPing.comBeing indexed by Google is the first small victory for any webmaster that is hoping to leave his mark. The moment that happens, he is able to start optimising his site to the best of his capacity. And nobody needs to be a genius to figure out how to draw a couple more visitors in. But the optimization itself can only begin in earnest when the site has been indexed by Google, and not a minute before.

That is why a tool like Index Ping is interesting in itself. Basically, it can keep a close watch on any site, and inform the webmaster when it has been indexed by Google. Such notifications are served via email, right when the indexation has been confirmed (Index Ping monitors sites every 30 minutes).

Index Ping is a paid service. But you can have it monitor two different sites of yours at just no cost, and test the accuracy and speed of the whole platform firsthand. In Their Own Words

Get notified when your website is indexed by Google.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will let budding webmasters know the very moment they can start optimizing their sites in earnest.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to have your site(s) monitored more often than 30 minutes if that is what you want?