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InboxFever.comHave you ever stopped to think about the amount of time you spend checking emails every day? You probably haven’t, for the simple reason that such a thing becomes second nature after a very short while. But if you counted the hours you spend inside your inbox, then the results would speak for themselves. They would be nothing to worry about (specially compared with the time most of us spend on sites such as Facebook), but more than one will be left wondering if there isn’t a way to turn the time he spends checking emails and composing messages into something more productive. Well, that is InboxFever’s mission. This startup intends to turn email inboxes into the places where we get things done that go well beyond reading and writing messages.

This new service basically lets one get tasks done by sending out emails. For example, one can have a document printed in as easy a way as having it emailed to InboxFever. He won’t need to put it on a flash drive, or spread it around in a way that could risk it falling into the wrong hands.

Another example: one can use InboxFever to plan a trip. He can send an email to [email protected] for the application to fetch all the relevant directions, and have them delivered to the user’s inbox. And the same applies to Yelp reviews – by sending out a single email, the user can have these aggregated and brought straight into his inbox.

In the end, the reasoning behind this new service makes a lot of sense. If we spend so much time in our email inboxes, why not begin doing some basic tasks through it? And if the ones responsible for InboxFever have their way, the service is becoming a true marketplace for services. InboxFever will let companies from all over the world offer their services directly through the site, in the shape of email-powered apps that people can pay to use. In Their Own Words

Amazing apps powered by email.

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Which other immediate uses can this have? Which should be implemented first of all so that people become hooked?