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InboundWriter.comInboundWriter is letting people master SEO in a way they can but find appealing nowadays: socially. InboundWriter provides bloggers and webmasters with a ready chance to know what people are searching in real time. They can explore the words that are more recurrent when people are looking for content online, and that is done in just a couple of clicks, as bloggers and webmasters simply have to specify a couple of words that are connected with the topics they usually write about (or that they are thinking about tackling). Using that as a starting point, InboundWriter can go through search engines and social media websites and determine which words they should use in the posts they write.

And the way everything works, creative writers get to know not only which words should be used but exactly where words should be placed within the texts they are penning. Any text that is created using InboundWriter is actually given a popularity score, so that figuring out how likely any piece is to be successful can be measured well in advance. Which is just incredibly useful if you are a budding blogger, of course.

InboundWriter is free if you intend to optimize eight or less documents each month. If you must handle more than that, then you can sign up for a paid monthly plan ($ 19.95) giving you the chance to optimize an unlimited number of documents. In Their Own Words

InboundWriter, the Social Writing Application, enables writers, bloggers, journalists and marketers to easily create content for increased reach, engagement and online conversions.

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Is the free version of the service limited in any other way? Or is the maximum number of documents that can be handled the only limitation to speak of?