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ImageSnip.comWhat do you do when you have to work with pictures? You generally use different applications that give you a rich assortment of alternatives to make it possible for you to modify them.

This is a new website that gives you the possibility to work with your pictures online.

Simple and clear, ImageSnip is a new service that gives you the chance to link to snippets of any image you have selected. You can do this by using files from your computer or just any URL you want.

This could be a useful service for people that want to send part of pictures by email and want to do it uncomplicatedly and fast. In addition to the possibility to crop a part of any particular picture you can find online, you can save it as a URL to send it to your friends if you want. The system also gives you the chance to add notes in order to describe the snipped image.

Users will be given the opportunity to post their comments as well as to take a look at the original image if they prefer. So, in case you want to make use of a new service that supports JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG fomats, ImageSnip will be a good website to try out. In Their Own Words

“Need to link to a part of a picture for someone ? Or cut out important scene ? ImageSnip will help!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Simply because it is a new way to work with pictures and share them in an easy fashion.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are currently supported? Which ones should be supported next?