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iFlightPlanner.comiFlightPlanner is a browser-based tool for pilots and those keen on aviation. It will let them plan out their routes in minute detail, and (more notably) in a centralized way.


And the site is also comparable to an online logbook where they will be able to keep track of all their activity.

Something like iFlightPlanner plays out a very remarkable role. Any pilot will tell you how he has become accustomed to visiting several different website in order to get all the information he needs for planning out a route. For example, getting a weather brief, computing the weight and balance and filing the route with the FAA have always been activities that entailed visiting a separate website in each and every case.

That becomes a thing of the past thanks to an Internet tool like iFlightPlanner. It saves pilots the effort of having to visit all the websites they had become used to visiting. Everything is done at once from the iFlightPlanner site. And support for mobile devices is already provided as well. If you are a pilot, you will be able to set everything down (and modify it) from wherever you are. In Their Own Words

“iFlightPlanner provides unparalleled flight planning in 4 easy steps from any web browser or web-enabled mobile device.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The way in which it simplifies everything is just astonishing – a lot of different operations are centralized through the site.

Some Questions About

Will something like this ever become available for pilots in other parts of the world?


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