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HotPotato.comThat you can count on the WWW for promoting a live event is something that nobody ignores or belittles by now, and services like Hot Potato just make that fact even more noticeable.

At its most basic level, it is a platform that can be used to promote any event that is forthcoming like a party, a conference or a product’s launch.

Events are created by being added to the calendar that is provided, and then people are invited to join in the fun in the usual way. The best part might be that you can share every single thing that has to do with event both before and after takes place, as notes can be swapped among participants and questions can be asked (and duly answered). Of course, pictures can be uploaded both for the promotion of the event and as mementoes once it is all over.

And mentioning that both featured and trending events are listed on the main page doesn’t go amiss, since that is an excellent way to be in the loop regarding activities of note within your personal/professional area. In Their Own Words

“Hot Potato helps friends and fans socialize and share experiences around live events.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If you are looking for a way of promoting an event without being limited to a specific social site, this is certainly going to be useful.

Some Questions About

What structural advantages does this have over arranging it all using Facebook?