– Getting In Shape Is Easier Than Ever

HotCal.comIf getting in shape is your one preoccupation right now, this web-based tool will be more than appealing because: A) It is easy to use, and B) It is entirely free. Named HotCal, it will empower you to track both the calories of your daily meals and also realize how close you are to achieving your exercise goals.

When it comes to tracking the actual calories of these meals that make up your daily menu, the process is very direct. The site offers a food diary where most foods you can think about are listed, and you can proceed to add the ones that apply individually until you have the full set. There is also a restaurant calorie calculator in order to make everything even easier on you.

On the other hand, exercise routines are monitored by way of the provided exercise diary. This diary is also usable in a very intuitive way. For example, if you went running for half an hour you key in the number of miles you ran and the actual numbers of calories that you burned will be displayed right away, for you to add to your diary and start calculating the final figure. In Their Own Words

“HotCal is an online calorie and fitness tracker that helps you keep track of your daily meals and exercise goals. Designed to be fast and easy to use, our tools help you meet your fitness goals without the hassles of many other online calorie calculators. Best of all, HotCal is 100% free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a tool, it is fast, useful and (best of all) wholly inexpensive.

Some Questions About

What if you have to include a food that is not listed on the database because it is a truly foreign dish?