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At work or for academic purposes, slide show presentations give a hand in exposing one’s ideas to an audience. The combination of images and text make a great tool to give clear messages to anyone who’s listening. This site,, offers yet another enhancement to the presentations.

That improvement is the addition of spoken text to the slides. You may think that slide show software, such as Microsoft Power Point, already offer the chance to add sound to its files. That’s true. But one thing is to add sound and another one is that that sound is recorded voice. Until know, if you wanted your presentation with spoken text, you had to record it yourself on a sound file to later add it in the slide show. However, this was far from being practical. First you needed a voice recording software, then it was necessary to adapt that file into a format which would not make your presentation too big a file. Not to mention the amount o times you had to record you speech until you got it right.

Helloslide allows you to actually type the speech you want to hear, and then add the voice to it automatically. It works in a very easy way, so you can relax and use it without a worry. The website asks you to upload a PDF version of the file. After that, you may use the online editor they provide for you to type that text. You can listen a preview to see how your presentation will sound.

Another of the features offered by include an automatic translator to translate your text into twenty possible languages. Bear in mind that the site admits files of up to 100 MB, so you’ll need to look out about that. In Their Own Words

HelloSlide transforms your slides into a rich audiovisual format, recreating the experience of a live lecture.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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